Welcome to the Collective.

Australia is home to some seriously forward-thinking electronic music producers, The Boogie Collective aims to support talent that deserves a team in their corner. Blessed with a country made for enjoying the great outdoors. We host our own events that aim to be truely inspiring, promote culture, and real friendships.

Supporting Innovative Creativity.

Everyone in our family has been earned their strips over and over. Masters of their individual craft and sound, covering all realms of bass; dub-tech, psy-tech, techno, prog, trance, glitch, breaks, drum & bass. Hand-picked talent fruits full of potential, artists with an ability to change electronic music in massive ways.

Minimal, progressive bass-lines mastered for outdoor listening on bass-heavy systems. Clean, intricate productions of electronic sounds you’ve never heard quite like this before. 

Promoting Underground Music & Culture on the Eastern Coastline.

We are too lucky to be living in one of the most beautiful pockets of the planet. Absolutely blessed with natural beauty on the Eastern Coast of Australia, we grew up exploring constantly. Finding sacred sites of Aboriginal dance over the years has taught us there is a much deeper meaning to dance for our wellbeing. Taking time to reflect on these spaces and what they can do for the mind is a massive influence on our design.

Music culture to us is a huge part of making life great. We’re here to make sure there’s more of the good stuff… From the feeling as the sun goes down and a stage truely comes to life. To the rush of energy you get from body shaking bass music with great friends. And most of all, the feeling that comes from being part of a collective.

Curating Production-Heavy, Intimately-Sized Events

We promise, as soon as things are beginning to get back to normal, we’ll be back to work
curating some of your favourite events on the Eastern Coastline. We had some pretty exciting
discussions in the works cut short when Covid hit the music industry, but we’re itching to get back to it.

Spin That by Mr Business

A big room UK masterpiece packing an insane punch. Jordan had taken a small break from playing live last year, now he's back in full force and it's...

Spark (Dark Mix) by Sassafras

An absolute growler re-take on his Trailer Park Boy's belter. Supreme production, sound choice, and sampling brings together a slick groove that is...

Mastermind by Jiver

Setting the tone for the creativity this man is ready to unfold on the world. Luke has been hard at work perfecting his projects to hit the ground...

Pushing the Fold of
Event Production.

The Boogie Collective aims to create a platform to support this amazing community of talented individuals that are often overlooked by commercial support. We also create art and installations at some of your favourite festivals around the country under our build teams moniker, Immersive Structures.

An experienced event design & construction team fuelled by passion and creativity. We offer a complete installation and equipment hire packages to help you create experiences that are truly out of this world.

Design & 3D Modelling +
API Integration & Code +
Construction &
Management Teams =
Complete Event Services

We push for something more invigorating than your boring recycled festival template. Try new technologies, believe in the up-and-comers, and prove the norm wrong.


We can help your team setup services you might have to otherwise overlook such as ticketing API integrations or other complex IT solutions. If thats sorted, our highly experienced, fast-paced build team could be on site to power through the work. Either way, we have you covered, just get in touch and find out how we can do it best.


Complete Design & Construction Services.

We can help bring your vision into reality with a honest and knowledgable approach, through experience and skill we can add an extra dimension to your event. From planning through to construction we have you covered. We specialise in creating 3-dimensional, fast bump-in stages and installations using natural materials. We offer a range of unique event gear for hire from lighting to decor to shade installs. Plus on-site legends to kick things into overdrive.

Creating out of this world experiences is our specialty.

We’ve helped setup over 80 events across the Eastern Coast of Australia in the last 4 years. Over that time we’ve seen some pretty wild stuff, and learnt some wicked tricks of the trade. We’ve been lucky enough to work on some projects you’ll never see anywhere else. If you’re thinking we could be the team to take your design to the next level, give us a call!

Immersive Structures are always a pleasure to work with. They are fast-thinking creatives, always building with love and precision. When presented with a challenge they feel completely in their element, have the advice and the experience to tackle anything head on. 

If you want precision built thought-provoking designs, these guys are the real deal. 

Ziggy Bramich

Founder/Curator, Bassic Records & Euca Music

Drop us a line.