Scouting Australia’s Killer Creatives

Simply aiming to create luscious dance-floor collectives.
We love to build, design, create, transform, organise, and dance, until it all turns back to dust. We’ve thrown ourselves into the deep end of festival culture, completely immersed and in love, we just want to help make beautiful event spaces for us too all enjoy.
We are always keeping a close watch on the ones that keep pushing for this same goal. Whether they are behind the decks with their own soundscapes, creating new pieces of art for a festival space, or apart of the unspoken heroes that prepare the site for us all to dance on. We love to connect these special minds to create new found inspiration.

Live sets


Roger Jackson, Lucid Gecko, takes you on a journey through the sonic landscapes of your imagination. Blending together an array of psychedelic and organic sounds, with solid grooves and synthesised elements. His music creates a great listen, and an awesome vibe on the D-Floor!


A local from South East Queensland, Edward Gibson AKA Sassafras is a fresh techno outfit focused on a deep & progressive style taking influences from a wide selection of dark & heavy sounds, genres and textures. After a musical introduction to acoustic instruments from a young age, he found the love for dancefloor grooves when travelling the festival scene around Australia.

Mr. Business

Mr. Business has been evolving his own craft of mixing & cutting techniques over a span of years, throwing himself into the deep end of the underground outdoor electronic dance music scene, playing multiple sets most weekends and supporting some of the biggest electronic music acts in the world.

He has proven his place as one of the most energetic forces behind the decks with his selection of minimal progressive bass-grooves, constantly sweating up dance-floors and engaging the crowd in a way few artists are capable.


AVAXA is a thriving Australia producer and DJ who loves to play melodic house and techno. Influenced by Berlin life, she leads you through expansive melodies and narrow corridors.

Purple Sneakers described AVAXA as “one of those enigmatic artists that imbues meaning to every detail as to create a mythology around their music.” Fixed in the search for the new sound; she is always looking ahead to see how the aural sphere can be reinvented. “I hear a lot of this amazing dark, industrial techno in Berlin, but I think it can be important to combine that with the soft, melodic sounds that engage with you, that connect with you. No sound exists in isolation, it’s about creating a cohesive experience”


Putting together “Gustaveau’s Secret Sessions” and long working in the underground scene of inner city Brisbane. Angus has a taste that spans across genres and dance-floors, only thing that can be guaranteed is the funk.

DJ sets


D-Lysergic, a unique dark/melodic/progressive/trance sound that includes altered thinking processes and will bring you to your feet.


Shawn Lockhart, minimal full-on mind-bending journeys.